Full depth patching shall consist of removing the existing pavement and base material to a depth of 5" within the areas marked on the pavement.  All cuts in the existing pavement shall be straight and vertical and the subgrade shall be smooth and recompacted to achieve maximum density.  Tack coat all vertical edges of patch using CRS2 emulsion,  then install 5" DOT approved hot mix asphalt and properly compact.  Finished surface of patch shall be a uniform texture and finished elevation shall be even with adjacent pavement surface.
1. Lay out and mark all areas of repair.
2. Square surface of patch and cut walls to produce vertical edges.
3. Excavate areas to contract depth and remove debris from premises.
4. Compact existing subgrade to achieve maximum density.
5. Tack coat all vertical edges of patching using CRS-2 emulsion.
6. Install 3" base course with hot mix asphalt and compact.
7. Install 2" surface course with hot mix asphalt and compact.
 Small areas of patching will receive one (1) 5" course of asphalt.