This item consists of cleaning and filling cracks in the pavement to prevent the penetration of water and the intrusion of debris.  Work will include cleaning the cracks with compressed air, stiff bristle broom, or heat lance, or other hand tools to remove debris and weeds, or grass growing in the cracks.  After cleaning, the cracks shall be sealed and shall be flush with the pavement surface with a Rubberized Crack Sealant or an approved equal. 
1. Remove any vegetation growing in cracks.
2. Remove all foreign material from cracks to a minimum depth of one inch when possible, using industrial air compressors, with specialized blow tips or wire brushes as necessary.
3. Dispose of all debris from site.
4. Seal cracks, from 1/4 inch width to 1 inch maximum width, with hot pour cracksealer which meets the following specifications:
ASTM D1190, D3405
5. When necessary, area will be blocked off to traffic during the cracksealer operation and will be re-opened to traffic as soon as the cracksealer has set.
6. It is the responsibility of the owner to clear the area being cracksealed.
 Due to the nature of longitudinal and transverse cracking and the normal expansion and contraction of asphalt pavement some cracks may re-open and new cracks may appear.  Cracksealing is a yearly maintenance procedure.