Concrete Work

Quality product and quality care can keep your concrete surfaces functioning for years.


1. Lay out and mark all designated concrete for replacement.

2. Neatly saw cut the edges of the selections to be replaced.

3. Remove the designated sections and remove debris from the premises.

4. Set forms in preparation for the installation of the new replacement concrete.

5. Install new concrete material using state approved mix 3500 p.s.i., 6 1/4 bag, air entrained concrete unless otherwise specified.

6. The new concrete will be floated and troweled with control joints scored and expansion joints installed to match existing configurations unless otherwise specified.

7. A light broom finish on the concrete surface will be provided.

8. Surface of the new repair will be flush with the existing elevation.

9. Curing compound will be applied to the finished concrete as necessary or as required to assist in the curing process.

10. After the forms are removed, the edges will be backfilled with top soil and seeded.


1. In the event grade adjustments are required, stone is available for rectification.

2. Salt or ice melt should not be applied to the newly poured concrete for a period of (2) years

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