Corporate Diversity

As Virginia’s Paving and Concrete leader, Brothers is committed to providing to all employees the best possible work life experience regardless of age, gender, nationality, culture or personal characteristics. We have always positioned diversity and inclusion as the cornerstone of our culture and a fundamental component of our overall growth strategy in helping to build stronger communities.

Doing things Right


We welcome people of all backgrounds and cultures. Our training programs offer all employees the access to skills and opportunities to enable them to achieve more through lasting development.


We have always been an industry leader in providing equal opportunities to our team members regardless of religion, sex, or race. We’re blessed to be in the land of opportunity and hold that as a core value.



We seek to engage with our community to assist where we can and make lives better through service and active involvement. Our passion to build better communities never sleeps or takes holidays.

Paul Battista   CEO, Founder

Paul Battista CEO, Founder


“We are in the business of building communities. Everything we do is focused on developing relationships, enabling action, and empowering all individuals through training and opportunity.”