Green Practices


The Benefits of Recycled Asphalt

Asphalt is 100% recyclable and is the single most recycled material in North America with about 73 million tons being recycled each year. Brothers is committed to striving to recycle as much material as possible in each project we undertake.

Brothers world-class employees and skilled technicians are all highly trained on the best practices to effectively remove and preserve asphalt for reuse.

New asphalt mixes contain about 10-30% recycled material and thanks to other responsible companies like Brothers we are seeing a steady increase in recycled materials each year.

The benefits of recycling speak for themselves. For each ton of asphalt produced from our recycled materials the earth experiences a significant benefit without any detriment to quality of the project.


1 Ton of Asphalt Recycled by Brothers Saves the Environment:

0 lbs
of stone Saved
0 gal
of oil Saved
0 lbs
of greenhouse gasses Saved

Brothers is committed to working with the industry’s top eco-friendly producers & partners to grow the percentage of recycled materials each year.

Why Pervious Concrete?

Where traditional concrete is solid, Pervious Concrete has a porous open-cell structure allowing our concrete to absorb 3-5 gallons of water/square foot per minute, and it allows for the natural passage and growth of tree roots.

The EPA reports that 90% of pollutants fall within the first 1-1/2 inches of rainfall. Typically this initial rain cannot be handled by infrastructure and storm drains and therefore is directed to public waterways. Pervious Concrete allows for little to no run off helping infrastructure and water treatment plants to effectively process water runoff.

Additionally, Pervious Concrete is typically lighter – meaning there are immense cost savings in night illumination. Contact us to learn all of the benefits Brothers has to offer.

  • Reduce untreated runoff in storm sewers.
  • Help maintain aquifer levels.
  • Reduce need for irrigation.

We are Certified Pervious Concrete Providers

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Office of Wetlands, Oceans, & Watersheds

Center for Watershed Protection

What if we could save 25% of all Solid waste in the USA?

Brothers is an industry leader in Recycled Concrete

Over 25% of solid waste that fills our landfills comes from Construction & Demolition. By properly disposing of and recycling concrete Brothers is helping to alleviate the pressure being put on our waste system. The recycled materials are crushed, filtered and cleaned for a myriad of uses. In many areas high-quality products are becoming less available and more expensive. Brother’s commitment to recycling is helping to divert waste and provide a sustainable/affordable solution for future generations. Brothers utilizes the most advanced systems to monitor and track project efficiencies. PavementSoft is a valuable tool that Brothers uses to realize it’s vision of a better world.

140 Million Tons of Concrete are Recycled Each Year