Seal Coat & Rejuvenate

Good asphalt maintenance can significantly stretch the life of your road or parking lot.

Your asphalt surfaces are being pounded every day with traffic, automotive fluid leaks, hot sun/freezing conditions, road salts and more. That’s why it’s important to seal coat or rejuvenate.

At Brothers Paving & Concrete, we understand that ongoing maintenance for your asphalt surface is the most cost-effective route to take in the long run.

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Seal Coat or Rejuvenate?

Our top of the line seal coat - Gem Seal – not only provides a tough protective barrier on the surface of your asphalt, but also enhances the appearance of the surface with a smooth, jet-black skin.

Rejuvenation offers more than a protective layer, it actually penetrates the asphalt well below the surface, chemically restoring and revitalizing the tars and oils deep within the asphalt, making it less prone to cracking and deterioration. We use Rejuvenator, which also restores the surface color to a deep, clean black.



Both Gem Seal and Rejuvenator help protect your road or parking lot from weather, oils, salts and the drying sun, greatly diminishing costly asphalt repairs in the future.



Both Gem Seal and Rejuvenator brands are considered the best in the nation, offering you a quality product that will do the job right.



With a fraction of the time it takes to repave or overlay asphalt, seal coating or rejuvenation makes your asphalt surfaces look and act like new again.


Give us a call and we’ll help you get your asphalt surface looking great. (703) 393-1927