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Brothers Paving & Concrete provides over 30 years of expertise in all areas of asphalt and site concrete construction.

We specialize in retail, institutional, office and residential projects, both public and private in Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C. Brothers Paving & Concrete also performs restoration, retrofit and seal coating services. Typical projects include medium to large office, retail, institutional and residential projects.

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Your premier asphalt & paving Partner to build better communities.



We are your complete Partner


We’re with you from A-Z. We put our experience and professionalism to work for you.




> Concrete Construction

> Concrete Repair

> Concrete Sealer

> Pervious Concrete

> Replace/Repair Sidewalks

> Curb and Gutter

> Handicap/ADA Ramps

> Aprons

> Dumpster Pads



>Asphalt Overlays

> Asphalt Repairs

> Crack Sealing

> Sealcoating

> Rejuvenator


> Pavement Striping

> Specialized Stenciling

> Training Seminars

> Pressure Washing

> Budget Planning

> Drainage Systems

> Curb Painting

“These guys rock every single job they do. Paving, concrete and specialty jobs have all been performed flawlessly.”


- Ray M

  • Over 3 decades of success as asphalt and concrete construction experts.

  • Professionalism, attention to detail and a highly sophisticated team drawn from the area’s best and brightest workforce.

  • An extensive list of satisfied customers throughout the area.

  • A superior credit rating established with vendors, banks and bonding company.

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