Concrete & Curbing

Concrete & Curbing Types

Concrete Walkways & Pads

Concrete is more stable and can withstand heavier loads than asphalt, making it a preferred choice for walkways and dumpster pads. The Brothers Paving & Concrete team can help you repair or install any concrete walkways and pads on your property.

Concrete Ramps & Loading Docks

Keep your property compliant with ADA regulations and provide easy access for all employees and customers with our ramp and loading dock services. Our concrete solutions will help your property maintain its accessibility.

Curbing (Asphalt & Concrete)

Curbs are a protective barrier that separate parking zones from sidewalks, roads, and green spaces to keep individuals and properties safe. They also manage water flow during heavy precipitation. Whether you need a new curb or an old one removed, our team has the equipment and expertise to deliver solutions.

Structures & Other Concrete Needs

We install additional concrete features, like bollards and car stops, and can manage projects of different sizes and complexities to cater to your specific requirements.

The Process

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Site Preparation

Prepare the site and establish the formwork, which delineates the contour and size of the concrete structure or curb.
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Mixing & Pouring

Mix the concrete blend, pour it into the formwork, and then ensure the surface is leveled and smoothed.
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Sustain proper moisture and temperature conditions to facilitate concrete setting. Apply essential finishing touches, like refining edges or incorporating surface treatments.
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Key Benefits

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Brothers Paving & Concrete is a distinguished leader in the pavement industry in VA, DC, MD and the surrounding areas thanks to our high-quality, maintenance-oriented services. We proudly serve areas like Manassas, Bristow, and Gainesville.

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