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We’re dedicated to your unique requirements. That’s why we offer 100% customized pavement solutions that address your needs. With over 35 years of industry expertise, we are confident that our services will help you in your investment. Our transparent communication and steadfast commitment from the very beginning will help move the project along smoothly and quickly.

Asphalt Paving Types

Overlay & Resurfacing

Extend your parking lot’s life without budget straining. Overlaying is a great option for a better pavement without worrying about the cost. This resurfacing technique improves aging asphalt by targeting individual issues and applying a fresh layer on top of the old layer to boost durability.

Expansion & New Paving

We specialize in many types of paving, including the expansion and creation of parking lots and roadways. Rely on us to give you the exceptional work your project requires all while staying within your budget and time constraints.

Reclamation & Repaving

If resurfacing alone won’t help your deteriorated pavement, try reclamation and repaving. We can remove, repave, mill, overlay, or pulverize your old payment to give you something new and better that will last for years to come.

Why an Area Might Need Repaving

Some pavement issues need intensive work. Maybe existing pavement has been significantly damaged, and needs an entirely new surface. Pavement damage depends on outside factors, and the extent of it will determine whether you need basic resurfacing or complete replacement and subgrade reconstruction. Rest assured our team will offer you the correct solution based on the results of our core evaluations that test your pavement.

The reasons for considering such measures include:

The Paving Process at a Glance

Here’s what to look for from us when we take on your pavement project:
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We assess the current pavement, establish a fresh base layer, and complete all necessary preliminary tasks.
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We incorporate catch basins and use various tools to construct an effective drainage system that will extend the lifespan of your newly paved surface.
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We lay down the new asphalt.
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We roll and compact the new asphalt to achieve a smooth, unified surface.
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We apply markings, install road signs, and attend to any other final details to ensure a polished result.

What Are the Contributing Factors to Asphalt Deterioration?

Pavement deterioration can be caused by many things—like weather conditions, normal wear and tear, age, disaster, thickness of pavement, or the quality of soil underneath.
Additional contributing factors and variations include:
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How to Ensure Asphalt Longevity

If you want to protect your investment and prolong the life of your asphalt, you MUST prioritize preventative maintenance.

Effective maintenance can help your asphalt last longer and minimize the need for any repairs. The team at Brothers Paving & Concrete has formulated maintenance approaches that safeguard your paved surfaces, prevent future deterioration, and optimize functionality for the year to come.

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Brothers Paving & Concrete is a distinguished leader in the pavement industry in VA, DC, MD and the surrounding areas thanks to our high-quality, maintenance-oriented services. We proudly serve areas like Manassas, Bristow, and Gainesville.

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