Drainage & Utilities

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Preserving pavements is more than just tending to the surface. Working on drainage and utility systems beneath pavement is just as important because these things can impact the longevity of your paved surfaces.

Our drainage and utility services revolve around installing and maintaining the systems that regulate the flow of water beneath your asphalt or concrete. This helps facilitate effective water management, prevent damage, and ensure proper function of utilities—all essential elements that contribute to your pavement’s lifespan.

The Process

Planning & Design

We develop a tailored drainage and utility system designed exclusively for your pavement. This phase entails an evaluation of site prerequisites, water movement patterns, current utility infrastructure, and property configuration.

Excavation & Installation

We excavate trenches for the drainage and utility lines by removing the pavement and underlying soil.

Backfilling & Restoration

We refill the trenches with adaptable materials to provide substantial support for the new drainage and utility infrastructure.

Key Benefits

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Brothers Paving & Concrete is a distinguished leader in the pavement industry in VA, DC, MD and the surrounding areas thanks to our high-quality, maintenance-oriented services. We proudly serve areas like Manassas, Bristow, and Gainesville.

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