Soil Stabilization

The Process

Three key factors determine how often your pavement needs sealcoating services.

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Soil Assessment & Testing

We evaluate the soil’s qualities and obtain samples for compositional and strength testing. This initial phase helps determine the appropriate soil stabilization methods and materials.

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Stabilization Treatment

We offer two stabilization treatments:

  • Compaction: We compact the soil to increase its density, reducing its susceptibility to settlement.
  • Grading and Slope Adjustments: We modify the slope or grade of the subgrade to improve drainage and prevent moisture-related issues.
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Quality Control

We compact the soil until the desired density level is attained. We also conduct regular checks to verify functionality.

Key Benefits

Sealcoating is a protective surface treatment applied to asphalt pavements to extend their lifespan and protect them from damage caused by UV rays, water, chemicals, and general wear and tear. The sealcoat application process typically involves the following steps:
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Improved Soil Strength

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Erosion Prevention

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Increased Pavement Durability

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Enhanced Stability

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Prolonged Pavement Lifespan


Reduced Maintenance and Repairs

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