About Us

Established in 1985, Brothers Development started as a small concrete and asphalt contractor with the goal of becoming known for high-quality work in DC’s Metro Area. Despite having just one yard on Wade Drive in Chantilly, VA, along with a few hard-working professionals, we bravely charged forward in search of new challenges that would help shape our future success story.

Our focus early on was site work for many prominent local, national builders. Through our hard work and determination, we were able to become one of the most successful general contractors in the area. Today, we specialize in concrete frame construction, property management, and the HOA market.

In 1997, we decided to split our company into two separate entities: Brothers Concrete Construction and Brothers Paving & Concrete. This would allow us to specialize in our services and give our customers the best possible service.

Over the years, both companies have continued to grow and become industry leaders. However, after successfully delivering numerous large concrete frame projects, Brothers Concrete Construction was sold to another party.

Even though we’ve changed and grown over the years, one thing has always remained the same – our passion for what we do. We are committed to continuing our legacy of success and look forward to serving our customers for many years to come.

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A Proud Pave America Company

In 2020, Brothers Paving & Concrete became a partner of Pave America. Pave America is the nation’s preeminent pavement services network of companies, and the leading provider of maintenance-driven pavement solutions, with nationwide coverage. By teaming up with other companies in the Pave America family, we can tap into a vast array of resources, purchasing influence, a well-established reputation, and industry-leading methodologies. Additionally, our partnership grants us access to a nationwide network of like-minded contractors who can assist our customers beyond our service areas. This strategic partnership has led to our success and expansion, which benefits both team members and clients.

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