Proper drainage helps with ground stability and the overall life and function of your surfaces.

Whether your asphalt pavement is tired and weathered or in need of an overhaul, Brothers Paving & Concrete can steer you in the direction of the exact fix you need.

In addition to laying new asphalt pavement, we offer a variety of specialized parking lot repairs, overlays, and mill & pave options. Our experienced project managers work closely with you to figure out your best option at a price that suits your budget.

Our asphalt is not only the highest grade, but is made with recycled materials, giving you the assurance that we are responsibly doing our part to preserve the planet for future generations.

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French Drain

1. Lay out and mark location of drain.


2. Excavate marked area.

3. Install drain tile wrapped with filter fabric.

4. Install stone around drain tile.

5. Where new underdrain system intersects existing structure or storm sewer line, tie into existing system to allow drainage of underdrain systems.

6. Install specified finish.

NOTE:Installation of French drain may not alleviate all under surface water problems


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